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March 2020
“I can’t express my gratitude enough to Diane for “Everything” she did for us. Words wouldn’t be enough. See I know a little about real estate from agent friends on the west coast and a little personal experience from long ago. I know the difference between an average, a good, and a great agent. To me, Diane’s knowledge, the services she performed and her genuine sincere caring personality put her into a whole other class. Diane Burke is a “True Ultimate Agent”. After performing outstanding prep-work & stellar photography – she sold our home within 4 hours of hitting the market. We were happily stunned, frantically packing and deciding our next life move. So, Diane caught us before we panicked and jumped in to help us find our new house within our 30 day escrow sale period. Here, I have to admit something, our laundry list of picky demands, and husband vs. wife oscillating home types did not make it easy to find that house. Yet Diane was patient, gracious, positive, and she literally was the glue that held us emotionally together. She never quit trying to find what might please us. And she found it! Thus, we next found ourselves wrapped in two escrow transactions as well as still packing a bazillion boxes, moving not just small animals, but horses as well. The husband & I did not have a brain cell left between us. We’re older and we were exhausted. That’s scary too when you know you need to be at your sharpest for legal transactions. Here again Diane held us together, coordinated and kept track of every aspect of our escrows that our exhausted pack-a-box / pack-a-box minds could not keep up with. She and her staff – Ashley , coordinated inspections, provided us the contacts of our new utility companies, and even found a willing electrician for a fast quote evaluation that we required to complete our purchase. And when to our frustration, the agent on the opposite side of our purchase dropped balls, well Diane jumped in where she could and basically did his job too. Every crazy ball that was up in the air – Diane handled with calm reassurance. She was our Angel that took care of us and we can’t express enough our gratitude. That’s why I say she’s the Ultimate Agent. Her work, knowledge, above the call of duty services and warm heart was an exemplary example that every Real Estate Agent should strive to become. Thank you, Diane from the bottom of our hearts! Janet & Paul Lemoine “
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